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We are happy to present our entire original theme collection for WPF as a free download, along with Mercury a brand new theme!

The Legacy Collection includes popular classic themes such as Candy, Edge, Frog, Inc, Metal, and Sleek along with Mercury, a lightweight version of our new flagship theme Gemini.

All of these themes are provided for free with very few restrictions. You can use them for up to 3 commercial projects and unlimited personal (non-public) projects.








You can check out these themes in action in our legacy .NET 3.5 WPF demo here.
Not all themes shown in the demo are available in the Legacy Collection

WPF Assembly only | 7 themes | Unlimited usage in personal (non-public) projects | Restricted to only 3 commercial applications per user | Royalty-free themes | .NET 3.5 + 4.0* | Complete original collection of Reuxables Themes

* Does not include DataGrid, Calendar, DatePicker, or Toolkit controls support. MERCURY may require .NET 4.0 in some instances.

Can I use these themes for my commercial project?

Yes! You can use any or all themes for up to 3 commercial projects.

Can I distribute the themes?

You are free to distribute ReuxablesLegacy.dll, the assembly containing the themes, with your commercial projects. However, you cannot redistribute the themes by themselves - online or otherwise.

How do I use these themes?

You can use these themes like any other assembly themes. See the README.txt file inside the download for instructions, or see our FAQ 'How do I use an Assembly Theme?'

For details on using the additional styles in the Mercury theme, see the sample project in the download.

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