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Established in the late 1990s, Nukeation is one of the world's leading User Experience technology studio. Our small, but very talented team consists of designers and developers that are pioneers in the UX world, centered around Microsoft technology.

Owner and Creative Director Dax Pandhi has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for three consecutive years specifically in the User Experience field of expertise.


We have been working on the WPF and Silverlight technologies since the "Avalon" era and broke new ground in themeing in the mid-2000s. Nukeation was the first studio to release professional XAML themes for both WPF and Silverlight to the global software development industry.

Our team has been responsible for several breakthroughs, including the Global Theme Brush Structure, and have gone on to provide powerful solutions to wide range of clients - from everyday developers to Microsoft themself. Nukeation has been responsible for the majority of the official Toolkit themes for WPF and Silverlight from Microsoft.

The most powerful aspect our customers enjoy is a deeply integrated developer-designer thinking. By looking at problems (and solutions) from both points-of-view, we are better able to deliver robust products and services that are easy to introduce into your workflow, codeless in implementation, and enjoyable for your end-users.


It's fun! We love what we do, and can't imagine not doing it. Besides, there is a massive shortage of good, affordable themeing solutions for the 'common developer'. We want to fulfill that need by providing solutions that meet everyone's needs and remain at the forefront of quality.

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